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100+ Clients

Our team of recruiters have worked with more than 100 clients ranging from startups to fortune 500 companies.

500+ Positions

Collectively our team has successfully placed more than 500 candidates from scouting for niche skills and hard-to-fill positions to driving mass recruitment initiatives.

1000+ Hours Saved

Our team of industry specific recruitment specialists and stringent pre-screening processes have saved thousands of hours for our clients which would have otherwise been wasted in filtering and interviewing the candidates that are not fit for the roles.

Why us?

Reduce your hiring time from weeks to days

Working with conventional recruitment models and agencies means you are working serially. You lose precious time in identifying candidates. You lose even more time in lining them up for interviews. We take the parallel approach. We internally work in parallel with multiple recruiters. They start sending the relevant candidates your way.

No ridiculously high recruitment fee

Talk to the top executive search firms and you will see that the recruitment fee they charge is ridiculously high. We don’t. You will be pleasantly surprised by our fee structure and also our terms of working. Get in touch with us to know more.

Domain specialist recruiters

Our recruiters are techies themselves and specialists in their domain. They understand both the requirements of the role as well as the skill set of the candidate far better than a generic recruiter can. Connecting with the candidates is easier and quicker. So the conversion is better.

Social hiring over job portals

Sometimes hot talent is not found on the job portals. Our recruiters are active in the community. They connect with potential candidates on forums, meetups and build direct relationships. This ensures that the companies get a strong pipeline of not just good but great candidates.

Candidate over company

Candidate’s needs and views are always the priority for us. This ensures that we deeply understand the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. It eventually helps the companies we work with in placing the right candidates who are motivated and also exactly know what they are getting into.

Quality over quantity

We send relevant candidates your way only after they go through our stringent pre-screening assessments. All our internal assessments are managed by technology experts who have worked in Fortune 500 companies and high growth startups.

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